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South Dakota Pheasant Hunting Guide and Lodge

At Royal Flush, we offer over 4,000 acres of prime hunting land.  All of this land is a different nature such as cornfields, sloughs, CRP, and shelterbelts giving hunters all types of terrain to hunt on different days.   We are located in Stratford, SD which is in Brown County.  This is the heart of pheasant and deer country.  We offer guided pheasant hunts along with semi-guided or self-guided archery deer hunts. 

Plan on doing what you come here to do – HUNT! Depending on the weather conditions, group size, and time of the day will determine on what the best methods to hunt these fields are.

We do not guarantee you birds, but we do guarantee that you will see them and it is up to you to shoot them. 

Our goals are to make sure that hunters have an amazing experience with us, have a great hunt, and hopefully create lasting friendships.  With our love of hunting and the opportunity to guide other hunters from all over the nation, we do everything possible to make sure that you will have created memories of a lifetime and hopefully started some traditions as well.

Thank you for checking out our website, and if you have any questions or comments please feel free to call or email us.  If you are ever in our area, please stop by and say hi!

South Dakota Pheasant Hunting

Hunting Pheasants in Aberdeen SD

Located Southeast of Aberdeen South Dakota, a premier pheasant hunting location, Royal Flush is home to some of the best pheasant hunting in the state. Having over 4,000 acres of prime hunting land, there are plenty of opportunities to hunt over a wide variety of habitat. If you are ready to chase some wild South Dakota pheasants and learn more about our hunts, come see what we have to offer the upland hunter here in Stratford South Dakota.

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South Dakota Guided Deer Hunt

South Dakota Guided Deer Hunts

South Dakota deer hunting is without a doubt some of the best whitetail deer hunting around especially in the northeastern part of the state.  There are plenty of sloughs, cornfields, shelterbelts, and old farmsteads that are excellent shelter for bucks to reach a great maturity.  There are many bucks taken from the 120-140 class and some that are much larger are taken every year.  Here at Royal Flush we take pride in the land that we have and ensure that bowhunters have the best opportunities possible to get a beautiful buck.

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